Participant Support: How to register for an event

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  1. Visit to find the event you’d like to register for. Follow the link to your event’s website and click the “REGISTER TO [WALK | RACE |]” button.
    Note that there’s a separate button for signing up as a volunteer. That signup process is very similar to this one but to register as a volunteer you must click the “SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER” button.
  2. Choose your registration type. If you plan to participate in the event you should choose “Participant”. If you can’t attend the event but would like to help with fundraising and event promotion you should choose “Virtual Participant”.
  3. Enter your name, date of birth, and other personal information into the form, then choose whether to jumpstart your fundraising efforts by making an initial gift with your registration. This is a great way to get things started, and when prospective donors view your fundraising page it’s helpful for them to see that you’ve already received at least one donation.
  4. Complete the optional “Employer” and “Occupation” fields if you wish to provide us with that information, then click “CONTINUE”.
  5. The next question asks if you’re if a brain tumor survivor. Survivors receive special T-shirts at the event, so clicking YES here reveals an additional question about your T-shirt size.
  6. If you are a brain tumor survivor, choose your T-shirt size.
  7. Choose your connection to brain tumors.
  8. The next question asks if you’re interested in becoming an advocate to receive public policy updates and action alerts. These provide opportunities for you to get involved and advocate for legislation, research funding, etc. We hope that you’ll consider choosing “Yes” here to help us advocate on behalf of brain tumor community.
  9. Review and agree to the waiver. This is a standard waiver that’s used for all National Brain Tumor Society events and participants.
  10. If you have a friend or family member to register you can click “ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT” to submit your registration and return to the registration form to register another person.
  11. If you don’t have anyone else to register you can just click “CONTINUE”.
  12. That’s it. You’re registered. You should see a “THANKS FOR REGISTERING” message at the top of the page and you’ll receive a confirmation email with your registration info.
  13. If you’d like to customize your fundraising page now you can add a picture by clicking “CHOOSE FILE” and browsing to a picture on your computer and create a personal statement about why you’re participating in the event. Be sure to click “SAVE CHANGES” when you’re done.
  14. You’ll also receive a second email with a link to manage your personal page, which includes the ability to add a picture and a personal statement (if you haven’t already done so); set a fundraising goal; join or create a team; and view donations; as well as several tools for promoting the event and increasing donations.

If you need help…

Please contact us if you need assistance. We’re here to help!