Meet the Committee: Northwest Brain Tumor Walk

Saturday, May 2, 2020, Virtually Broadcasting from Portland, OR


Tamera Meisner, Chairperson for the Northwest Brain Tumor Walk

My granddaughter Bentlee, at the age of three was diagnosed with a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, an inoperable brain tumor, one of the most prevalent brain tumor types in children ages 0-14. After developing an extremely rare blood disorder 10 months into treatment from the chemotherapy known as drug induced immune hemolytic anemia, chemotherapy and conventional medicine are no longer an option for her. A vivacious 6-year-old, Bentlee is vision impaired, has cognitive, sleep and speech impairments to name a few, however her charming personality and zest for life shines right through her daily challenges as she marches on to conquer each day.

Tyler Pagel, Associate Director of Regional Development, Pacific Northwest

Working to find a cure for brain tumors is an incredible cause and something that is near and dear to my heart. Losing a member of my extended family to a brain tumor exposed me to the need for a cure and working with the brain tumor community in the PNW has exposed me to the amazing passion and resiliency of the larger brain tumor community. I am so excited to join the momentum that surrounds brain tumor research while we continue to work together to find a cure!

Jenifer Prentiss, Senior Director of Regional Development, West

In 2014 I accepted the position with the National Brain Tumor Society without a direct connection to brain tumors. My very first event was two weeks later and I immediately fell in love with this mission. This community is the most passionate and inspiring group of people and I am honored to be a small part in their journey.

Mike Lynch, Advocacy/Community Events for the Northwest Brain Tumor Walk

I have a very close friend that lost one brother-in-law to a brain tumor and then his younger brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Joining together we make a difference in each and every family that faces the devastation of brain tumors….seize the opportunity to help!

Alison Bianchi, Fundraiser-at-large for the Northwest Brain Tumor Walk

I am honored to be a part of the Northwest Brain Tumor Walk Committee. When my dad was diagnosed in glioblastoma my world was turned upside down. Throughout 3 brain surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy he somehow managed to keep his sense of humor. Grabbing a beer and heading to the patio for what he called his Corona Therapy, he reasoned, “If beer kills brain cells, then maybe a Corona with lime kills brain tumor cells.” My family and friends have walked for team Corona Therapy for the last 15 years in Phoenix, Chicago, and Portland to support brain tumor research