Zwift/Peloton: National Brain Tumor Ride

Sunday, May 16, 2021, Virtually Broadcasting from NBTS Headquarters

Zwift Rides:

Upcoming Zwift Rides:

Sunday, May 16 9:00am EST

Zwift is the most popular virtual cycling and running app in the world. Take a look:

  • In order to participate in our rides you must have a Zwift account and be following the name of our Zwift account; Leader National Brain Tumor Ride.
  • Once you are a follower of our account, you will be invited to all of our Meetups. Be sure to set your Zwift Companion as well as your smart phone settings to get Zwift notifications.
  • We will likely schedule a weekly Meetup on the same day and the same time, but we’ll mix it up as far as routes, distance, duration. We will also do spontaneous rides. As long as you are following our Zwift name you’ll get all of the invites.
  • Meetups are limited to 100 riders so be sure to reply GOING if you plan on joining us so you don’t get closed out.
We also have established a National Brain Tumor Society Discord chat (talk) server. Discord is a popular chatting app used by the gaming and Zwift community. Check it out: You can talk from your computer, tablet or phone. Most of us use our phone, leaving our computers for the Zwift App. Here is the link to our Discord server:
If you have any questions about Zwift or Discord, or our Zwift riding plans, please contact Steven at

Peloton Rides:

  • We will be hosting weekly Peloton rides!
    • Saturday, May 15 10:30am LIVE RIDE with Jess King (Sweat Steady)
    • Sunday, May 16 9:30am LIVE RIDE with Kendall Toole (45mins)
  • To join you can follow Jodie (bike4survivors) and use the hashtag #NBTSRide¬†
  • Please note you do not need a Peloton bike to join, you can just download the Peloton app and use whatever stationary bike you have.