Ride Chairs Message: Boston Brain Tumor Ride

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 200 West St, Waltham, MA


November 2019:

It’s that time of year to reflect on what we are appreciative of, and we are each very thankful for our friends, family and the amazing National Brain Tumor Society community; and most especially the local Boston chapter.  Through the hard work and dedication of the staff, organizing committee, sponsors, volunteers, captains, riders, spectators and everyone else who contributes, we have hosted an amazing ride annually for the past 25 years.  Despite the pouring rain and needing to cancel the closing ceremonies, we had a great event earlier this year.

However, we of course are not resting on our laurels.  The 2020 organizing committee has already met a couple of times, and some enhancements for 2020 are in the works.  Each year we set to improve upon past rides anyway possible.  Believe it or not, we are closer to the 2020 ride than the 2019 one, so time to put the bike pedal to the metal (pun intended).

With that in mind, a few requests:

  • The 26th annual ride is on Sunday, May 17th. Please circle this on your calendar.
  • Go ahead and register now. Lots of data supports that the sooner we can get people to register, the more riders and fundraising we ultimately get.  Side bonus, if you register and raise $125 by December 31, 2019 you will and receive a NBTS hat!
  • Help spread the word by sharing the details with others and encouraging your friends, family and biking community to register or sign up to volunteer as well.

Once again, thanks for everything you do.  It’s a special community that cares so deeply about a cause and forwarding the efforts to help improve treatment and ultimately find a cure.  An ambitious goal, but something we are passionate about.

We hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday and look forward to connecting soon.

October 2019:

Though our 2019, 25th Anniversary Boston Brain Tumor Ride is in our rear view mirrors, it is not, and will never be out of sight. Thanks to all of you who participated as a rider, volunteer, donor, or spectator, our 25th event was a record breaker. Ridership reached 465, almost 100 more than in 2018. We welcomed 25 new teams and we smashed our fundraising goal of $550,000. As of the writing of this letter we are at a whopping $595,000!!!!!

Many of you braved weather which turned from perfectly beautiful to rainy and raw, but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits as you rode to further the NBTS mission!

You might think it early to out our 2020 ride on our plate, but not so!   Your Ride Committee has been on the job since our 2019 ride ended. Just as the Ride Committee is hard at work, why not start some planning of your own?

Reserve May 17. Start to talk up the event with your family and friends. Begin to build your team, and strategize your fundraising plan

The funds that you have raised and will raise put NBTS in the unique position to affect change in so many areas, including but not limited to drug development, clinical trials, research, public policy and advocacy. Every mile you ride and dollar you raise contributes to the cause.

Stay tuned for more from your Ride Committee as we work to make 2020 our best Boston Brain Tumor Ride yet!

On behalf of the NBTS and The Boston Brain Tumor Ride,

Steven, Rick and Michael,

Co-Chairs, Boston Brain Tumor Ride