Participant Support: How to create a team during registration

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  1. Visit to find the event you’d like to register for. Follow the link to your event’s website and click the “REGISTER TO RACE” button.
    Note that there’s a separate button for signing up as a volunteer. That signup process is very similar to this one but to register as a volunteer you must click the “SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER” button.
  2. If you have an account already you can sign in to the left. Otherwise, click “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” to create an account in our system or click “Log In with Facebook” to register using your Facebook account.
  3. Click “CREATE A TEAM” to begin setting up your team.
  4. Choose the appropriate registration type (Runner, Walker, etc.).
  5. Enter your team’s name in the “Team Name” field.
  6. You can use the “Team Description” field to explain why you’re participating in this event and why you’re creating a team. This is useful information for prospective donors and teammates.
  7. The default team fundraising goal is $500 but you’re encouraged to increase the goal to the amount you’d like to shoot for in the “Team Fundraising Goal” field.
  8. You’ll notice some permission questions that determine whether the public can see your team. It’s recommended that these options are left checked so that people can find your team and donate or join.
  9. Review and agree to the waiver in the “ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS” section (this is a standard waiver that’s used for all National Brain Tumor Society events and participants), then click “NEXT”.
  10. Now that you’ve entered your team information it’s time to complete your registration as a fundraiser. This is the same process your team members will go through when they register.
  11. Enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. Be sure to enter a valid phone number and email address in case we need to contact you.
  12. Enter emergency contact information.
  13. Create a username and password so that you can log into the site in the future to manage your fundraising efforts, email your team, and recruit team members.
  14. Click NEXT to move on to the final stage of this process.
  15. You’re encouraged to adjust your personal fundraising goal here. Your personal fundraising efforts work toward the team fundraising goal you set earlier, so decide how much of the team goal you’d like to undertake as an individual fundraiser.
  16. You can start your fundraising efforts right now by adding a donation in the “DONATION” field. This initial gift helps you move toward your goal and can be helpful when asking people to donate as it’s encouraging for them to see existing donations.
  17. You’ll see another “PERMISSION QUESTIONS” section here. This is the same set of permissions you saw on the team page except these are for your personal page.
  18. The “Display Name” field allows you to enter something other than your real name to display on your fundraising page.
  19. Enter your birthdate in the “Date of Birth” field by first choosing a month, then a year, then a day (it has to be done in that order) in the pop-up menu.
  20. Choose your gender.
  21. If you’re a brain tumor survivor or a volunteer, choose your T-shirt size (unique T-shirts are provided to Volunteers and brain tumor survivors).
  22. Specify your connection to brain tumors (patient/survivor, family, friend, etc).
  23. If someone recruited you for this event please specify his or her name in the field labeled “Please list the first and last nameā€¦”
  24. Review and agree to another standard waiver. This is the same waiver you agreed to earlier but this one is for you as an individual rather than for your team.
  25. If you have any family or friends to register you can click the blue “ADD OTHERS” button below the waiver.
  26. Click NEXT and you’ll see the final step, which is to verify your contact information. If anything needs to be fixed click “PREVIOUS” and correct the errors. If everything looks correct click “REGISTER ME” to complete your registration.
  27. That’s it. Your registration is complete and your team has been created. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to your personal page.
  28. You’ll be presented with an opportunity to start fundraising right away by emailing people you know and asking for donations. You can also connect with Facebook by scrolling down to the GET SOCIAL section and clicking “GET STARTED”. If you’d like to skip the items on this page for now you can click “SKIP THIS STEP” and you’ll be brought to your Participant Center, where you can click “TEAM” to manage and recruit for your team; “FUNDRAISING” to start asking for donations; or “PROFILE” to edit your personal profile. madagascar mapas Keep an eye out for Participant Center help documentation and videos on your event’s website

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